Here comes the boom: Loud noise in East Helena remains a mystery

So, what the heck was that boom?

East Helena residents took to social media Sunday evening asking about a loud boom they say was heard – and felt by some – throughout the town.

East Helena City Hall

THOM BRIDGE, Independent Record

As of Monday, it remained a mystery.

“Anyone know what that loud boom was?” someone posted on Facebook.

People said they heard it from parts of town such as Wylie Drive, King Street, Mountain View Meadows, Grand View Road and Lake Helena Drive.

One person posted that it may have been her husband screaming at the Seahawks-Rams game. Several said their dogs were not particularly fond of the noise.

As of noon Monday, there were 77 comments on one Facebook posting and 56 on another.

Some people thought it may have been a transformer. Another, in another string of comments about the boom, thought it might be train cars. Some said aircraft.

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Another person apologized, saying they had been having “bad gas lately.”

The Federal Aviation Administration referred all “sonic boom” type of

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