Here Are The Podcasts That Are Getting Better Ratings Than Joe Biden’s

Former Vice President Joe Biden created a podcast in late March where he discusses various issues like climate change, COVID-19, and religion. 

Biden’s “Here’s the Deal” podcast is described by the campaign as providing a “voice of clarity during uncertain times” that “will feature in-depth conversations about pressing issues with some of the nation’s top experts.” 

The podcast has featured several guests including Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, Washington Governor Jay Inslee, and former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang. The campaign says that the podcast is created “with the heart, compassion, and wisdom only Joe can deliver.” (RELATED: Joe Biden Announces Plans To Launch Podcast)

Some praised the podcast, giving it a five-star rating on the Apple podcast app. However, a host of one-star reviews were left, meaning the combined ratings from critics and supporters averaged out to 4.5 stars, which isn’t terrible. But there’s still a lot of podcasts that have better ratings than Joe Biden’s, which feature a variety of bizarre content that’s probably way more entertaining than listening to politicians talk about coronavirus and global warming. Here are a few. 

Twisting The Wind with Johnny Pemberton  

Fans loved this unique comedy podcast, giving it a perfect overall

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