Helping Men Overcome Meth Addiction in Montana

If you’re looking to buy a Christmas tree in Billings or Missoula, and you want to support a good cause- here you go.

I caught up with Randall Wilbur who heads up a new program up and running in Billings that is helping men from all over Montana overcome meth and other addictions. In fact, they’ll be celebrating their first graduates from the program this coming January.

It’s all a part of the men’s program that was started by Teen Challenge Pacific Northwest, which has already been operating a successful program for women in Missoula.

As fundraisers for both programs, Christmas trees are on sale in Billings and Missoula. If you’d like to purchase a Christmas tree in Missoula- contact Teen Challenge Missoula at the number below. To purchase a Christmas tree in Billings, Wilbur tells us that the trees are for sale at “Power for Abundant Recovery” off of 24th Street West and Lewis. They also have a lot at Faith Chapel on the corner of Broadwater and Shiloh.

Teen Challenge is a faith based program operating across the Pacific Northwest.

Randall Wilbur: A couple of things that sets Teen Challenge apart is that we’re a long term, we’re not a 14 day a 28 day. It’s

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