'Hellbender': Family home movies that happen to be horror

Cory Walsh

This “Adams family” still makes drama films, they just “pour a little blood on ‘em,” said Toby Poser.

“Hellbender,” a coming-of-age story with no shortage of supernatural horror, is the seventh movie that Poser has made with her family. She, her husband John Adams and their two daughters, Zelda and Lulu, all get behind, or in front of the camera at various points.

“We just wear every hat and we kind of love it that way,” she said.

Based in New York, the family has been taking the film on the festival circuit, including a screening at the Montana Film Festival at the Roxy Theater on Friday.


“Hellbender” is screening at the Montana Film Festival on Friday, Nov. 19, at 9:45 p.m. Filmmaker/actor Toby Poser will do a Q&A. Go to montanafilmfestival.org for tickets or more information.

Festival director Carrie Richer said the movie encapsulates the story-oriented, do-it-yourself spirit of independent films that the festival aims for. Next year, it will premiere on Shudder, the horror-specific streaming service, which also picked up the family’s last film, “The Deeper You Dig.”

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