Helena water restrictions lead to 15% reduction in consumption

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Ben Rigby, water production superintendent for the city of Helena, shows where Ten Mile Creek water flows into the Ten Mile Creek Water Treatment Plant in this July 1 file photo.

THOM BRIDGE, Independent Record Nolan Lister

City of Helena staff said Tuesday that residents managed to reduce water consumption by about 15% since levels peaked near the beginning of July and watering restrictions were implemented.

“We’re leveling off,” the city’s Water Production Superintendent Ben Rigby said in a phone interview. “The water production staff really appreciates the community’s understanding and helping us out.”

Rigby said by that July 1 the city’s water treatment plant at Ten Mile Creek was running at full capacity 24 hours per day. He said the city’s concerted effort to reduce water consumption has helped cut the amount of hours the plant is running at full capacity in half.

“It’s like running your car at 100 mph all day,” Rigby said, adding that the equipment can handle the stress, but the prolonged stress is detrimental.


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