Helena third graders make Valentine’s Day cards for hospice, home health residents

Nolan Lister

Third graders across the Helena Valley created Valentine’s Day cards for hospice and home health residents this year, wishing people they have never met a happy holiday and letting them know they are loved.

A “random kid” creates a Valentine’s Day card and hopes someone has a wonderful day.

Hazel Noonan

Hazel Noonan, the area manager for Enhabit Home Health and Hospice, said this is the third year she has collected and distributed the cards.

“It’s unbelievable,” Noonan said when asked what receiving a card means for these people. “It brings back memories. They can respond to the kids. It’s wonderful.”

Kim Helseth’s third grade class at Jim Darcy Elementary School in the north valley “really knocked it out of the park this year,” Helena Public Schools spokeswoman Karen Ogden said in an email.

Helena-area schoolchildren made Valentine’s Day cards for hospice and home health residents. 

Hazel Noonan

Helseth said the 26 children in her class were “so

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