Helena school hosts spaghetti dinner fundraiser for local educator

Volunteers serve spaghetti during a fundraiser held at Smith Elementary School Monday night, benefiting a third grade teacher at the school recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.


A spaghetti dinner hosted at Smith Elementary School by colleagues of Helena educator Linda Sorensen raised more than $8,000 Monday night to help the family cover medical expenses after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Sorensen lost feeling on the left side of her body on Oct. 6, and by Oct. 9 she was diagnosed by a Salt Lake City specialist with a brain tumor in her right frontal lobe.

Sorensen underwent surgery Oct. 16, and her husband John stated on social media that the surgery went well and most of the tumor was removed. Monday evening, she sent heartfelt text messages of thanks to her fellow educators who organized and ran the dinner in her honor.

“That’s so sweet of her,” Smith Principal Sarah Simpson said during an interview, glancing at the photo Sorensen sent of her flanked by family members. “That’s just who she is. She’s generous, loving and always

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