Helena school board appoints Jeff Hindoien to fill vacant seat

Megan Michelotti

The Helena Public Schools board of trustees voted 4-0 Tuesday to appoint Jeff Hindoien to fill the board seat left vacant by the death of trustee Lois Fitzpatrick.

Hindoien previously served a term on the board from 2017-2020. He said he decided to serve again because he’s at a place in life where he has the time to give back.

“Pushing 30 years ago, I had a mentor who was a school district lawyer. That’s how I got into that line of work. He said ‘It’s one of the most thankless jobs there’s out there,’” Hindoien said. “I observed that over the years, but it’s a super important job in terms of the role the citizens play in governing public schools.”

Hindoien grew up in Great Falls. He worked as an attorney for the Montana Department of Justice before serving as the Great Falls city attorney for a year starting in October of 2021. He is now the in-house legal counsel for Alluvion Health in Great Falls. He specializes in educational law and was general counsel for the Helena school district from about 2005 to 2012.

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