Helena home prices surged more than 26% in 2021

Tyler Manning

In 2021, housing prices in the Helena area grew more than they did during any other year in at least a decade. 

Housing prices rose an average of 26.14% over where they were in 2020. Real estate appraiser Shaun Moore, of Moore Appraisal Firm, said he has never seen an increase so drastic in his 21 years in the business. 

“It is by far the biggest increase I’ve seen since I started tracking statistics,” Moore said. 

Local housing prices began to spike in 2020, with a 13% increase over the previous year. After the big jump in 2021, the median sale price in the area is just shy of $400,000. 

Moore said he believe this is indicative of a supply and demand issue. The demand to buy a house is high and the inventory available is low. 

“A lack of inventory is still a major issue continuing from last year,” Moore said. “There were fewer houses sold this year (984 sales in 2021) than last year (1,112 sales in 2020).” 

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