Helena, East Helena school board winners express their appreciation

Phil Drake Nolan Lister

Kay Satre

Lois A. Fitzpatrick

Siobhan Hathhorn

Kay Satre, Lois Fitzpatrick and incumbent Siobhan Hathhorn were elected Tuesday among eight candidates to fill three seats on the Helena Public Schools board of trustees.

And the tax levies for the elementary school district and the high school district both appear to have squeaked by, with the latter winning by 17 votes after overcoming earlier results showing it would fail. However, there are 135 provisional ballots that remain to be counted, which could still turn the tide.

Connor Fitzpatrick, Lewis and Clark County elections division supervisor, said people had until 5 p.m. Wednesday to come in and rectify provisional ballots. He expected those ballots to be counted by Monday.

He said he is asking the Montana Secretary of State’s office if a recount is necessary for the high school levy.

Luke Muszkiewicz, Helena Public Schools

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