Helena City Commission OKs raising its pay in 2024

Nolan Lister

The Helena City Commissioners and mayor voted Wednesday evening to increase their positions’ salaries effective 2024.

The pay raises were approved on a 4-1 vote from the conference room adjacent to the Commission Chambers. City Commissioner Sean Logan voted against the raises and said given a lean budget budget cycle in fiscal year 2024, he was “uncomfortable” with the prospect of “voting myself a raise.”

Helena City Commissioner Sean Logan listens to a public commenter during an April 10 commission meeting.


The mayor’s salary increases from $11,000 to $15,000 annually, a 36% hike, while the commissioners’ salaries increase from $9,000 to $11,000 annually, or 22%.

“It is imperative to increase the City of Helena’s Mayor and Commissioners’ salaries given their scope of civic responsibilities, increased workload, the current economic state, their incurred un-reimbursed personal expenses to carry out their duties, and remunerate them for their time, effort, and expenses. The proposed increases will also serve to encourage future candidates to run for election to City of Helena Commission posts,” according to the staff memo prepared

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