Helena-based Anderson ZurMuehlen tells clients of cybersecurity attack

Phil Drake

Helena-based Anderson ZurMuehlen Technology Services recently reported a cybersecurity attack against its cloud systems, but said all systems are restored and there was no evidence that clients’ data was exposed.

Donny Reichert, office vice president with Anderson ZurMuehlen Technology Services (AZTS), said in a recent email to clients that it appeared to be part of a choreographed attack that “targeted clients large and small.”

“As soon as our Security Operations Center and engineering team discovered the attack, we immediately worked to isolate systems and remove connectivity to the internet,” he said in the email. “We established a cyber security response team consisting of third-party insurance, threat mitigation and response, and legal advisory members.”

The team was able to provide initial attack vectors, identify compromised systems, and identify potential threat actors.

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“Utilizing this information, we made the difficult decision to keep all PwrCloud systems offline until we could be sure there were no threat actors or access left in the system,” Reichert said. 

Reichert said the core platform systems were the target.

“We continue to see no evidence that any of our client’s data was exposed during the

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