Health Matters: Sunscreen summer


Gina Morigeau

Summer is the most important time of year to practice sun safety.

In Montana, our residents like to make the most of the pleasant summer weather by spending as much time outside as they can — hiking, fishing, boating, and enjoying all summer has to offer. That means most of us are also increasing our skin’s exposure to the sun. It’s important to remember that a sunburn or tan is visible skin damage. This sun damage to skin is cumulative, meaning that each sunburn increases your risk of developing skin cancer.

While it’s not feasible to avoid the sun altogether, here are a few important things we can all do to help keep our skin safe and healthy this summer.

Wear sunscreen. Sunscreen is essential to overall skin health. It decreases your risk of developing skin cancers and helps prevent premature skin aging. It’s much easier to prevent sun damage than it is to correct sun damage. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends daily use of an SPF 15 or higher for anyone over the age of 6 months. When outside for

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