Health Matters: Summer safety tips from your local ambulance team

Summer brings many changes to the Helena Valley. The increasing temperatures signal it’s time for school to be out and vacations in the sun with family and friends to begin.

For local emergency response teams, summer brings not only sunshine, but also an increase in emergency calls due to recreational accidents. Some accidents are minor, while others could have had better outcomes if a few additional safety measures were followed. As summer recreation hits its stride, your local ambulance team would like share a few summer safety tips:

Water safety

When it comes to recreating in the water, we are very lucky to have a variety of area lakes and rivers to play in. However, the fun can sometimes lead to boat accidents and swimming related injuries. When boating on the water, make sure your boat or raft is in good working order. Be sure to check the weather before leaving and pack appropriately based on what you learn. Do you have proper fitting floatation devices for everyone on board? It is crucial that all children wear properly fitted life jackets and are watched at all times.

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