Health Matters: How meal prepping can kick start your health goals

Are you interested in meal prepping but don’t know where to start? For many families, planning what’s for dinner each evening or what lunch to send with kids to school that day are heavy tasks. How can planning ahead for a few days or a whole week be any easier? As a board-certified lifestyle medicine physician, I’m here to share how and why meal prepping can help you reach your health goals.

Meal prepping puts the knowledge of your meal ingredients in your hands. You are less likely to reach for highly processed or fast-food items last minute when you have prepped a meal right from your kitchen. Prepping also helps with portion control, giving you the ability to determine a well-rounded, nourishing meal that will satisfy you until your next one.

Still not convinced that meal prepping is right for you? Here are a few other tips I encourage folks to try:

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