Health Matters: Help protect yourself from illness this winter

Ashley Coggins

As we look to other health systems in the East and South, we’re seeing a significant uptick in adult and pediatric hospitalizations due to common illnesses such as influenza, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), rhinovirus and COVID-19. While we haven’t yet seen a drastic increase in those numbers locally, we are preparing for what we think will be a rough cold and flu season for our community this year.

I am an internal medicine physician and work as a hospitalist who cares for people who have to spend time in the hospital due to these types of infections. So what can you do to help keep yourself and your loved ones healthy and out of the hospital?

Get vaccinated

While there are viruses out there that you cannot get a vaccine for like RSV or rhinovirus, it’s important to vaccinate yourself against the ones you can this season. This includes the flu, or influenza, and COVID-19.

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