Health Matters: Hearing and its connection to our health

Hearing loss is like a silent predator, it sneaks up on you. It is usually very gradual and people, often times unknowingly, develop compensation strategies to deal with it.

These strategies can include lip reading, avoidance of difficult situations and increasing the volume on their TV or radio. Unfortunately, these strategies will only take you so far.

Hearing loss and its connection to your health

Hearing loss can have a negative effect on your social, functional and psychological well-being. When those compensation strategies begin to fail, you may notice a number of repercussions such as increased fatigue from the extra effort put into communicating; inattentiveness; isolation and feelings of exclusion; frustration; avoidance of social activities; heightened stress and strain on relationships; depression; and increased loss of confidence and sense of well-being. Researchers are also finding relationships between hearing loss and high blood pressure, cardiovascular events, increased risk of falls, cognitive decline and a possible shorter life span.

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