Health Department to Offer COVID 19 Vaccination House Calls

The Missoula City County Health Department announced this week that they will be accepting appointments to make house calls for COVID 19 vaccinations.

Public Information Officer Hayley Devlin provides details.

“We put a call out letting homebound residents know that we can come to their homes to help vaccinate them,” said Devlin. “We had a successful test run on Monday where we helped out six homebound residents get vaccinated, so we put out the call wider and farther with a press release and we also put out a notice on Facebook.”

The Health Department understands that some residents are unable to drive to a vaccination appointment, so vaccine providers will travel to their homes.

“Anybody who has mobility issues or if it’s not easy for them to get out of the house, we don’t want that to be a barrier for them getting this life saving vaccine,” she said. “So, people can call into our info-line Monday to Friday and 258-INFO (4636) and they can sign up for this Monday, and if we get a very large demand we might have to open up another day.”

Devlin said they have received many requests for health nurses to make house calls for the COVID 19 vaccine.


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