Health Department says 218 New COVID Cases over the Weekend

COVID 19 cases continue to rise along with hospitalizations in Missoula County, according to Missoula City County Health Department Incident Commander Cindy Farr.

“We had 114 cases come in since Monday, and over the weekend we had 134 new cases reported on Saturday and 84 new cases reported on Sunday,” said Farr. “We have 52 people hospitalized in Missoula County for COVID symptoms. 34 of those are Missoula county residents and 18 are people that live outside of our county that have been hospitalized here.”

Farr said she was encouraged with the steady stream of people coming in to be vaccinated.

“We are definitely seeing people still coming in to get vaccinated which is great,” she said. “We love to get as many people in and get them vaccinated as possible. We’re seeing people coming in at a pretty steady rate right now but a lot of what we’re seeing is people coming in for those booster doses, however we’re still seeing a couple 100 people a week coming in for first doses.”

Farr said the percentage of Missoula County residents 12 and older getting vaccinated is encouraging.

“It does encourage me right now that we’ve gone up to 70.65% of our eligible population who

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