Health Department Offering COVID Testing for Outbound Travelers

The Missoula City County Health Department is now offering COVID 19 testing for both outbound and inbound travelers.

Incident Commander Cindy Farr told KGVO News about the testing availability on Friday.

“We’ve recently opened up our clinic to provide testing for travel now,” said Farr. “So if you are getting ready to travel and you need to have a negative test to prove a negative test before travel, which is required in certain places, then we can provide that as well by just calling 258-INFO and getting scheduled to get a test.”

The tests will be administered at the Flynn Lane clinic.

In addition, Farr said COVID 19 vaccinations are still available for anyone who desires to one.

“We are continuing to make the vaccine available to anyone who would like a vaccination that’s aged 12 and above,” she said. “We have our standing clinic over at (The old Lucky’s Market location) at Southgate Mall. We are also doing mobile clinics and really trying to get out into the community and into our surrounding communities as well out in the further reaches of the county and we are also still doing the occasional pop up clinic at various places of business.”

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