Have We Been Fair-Weather Friends of Donald Trump?

While Donald Trump remains the front-running, potential presidential candidate in the GOP, an increasing number of Trump voters say they would prefer that he not run in 2024, myself included in that number. Are we guilty of being fair-weather friends of Trump, supporting him when he was in power but rejecting him now that he’s out of power? That’s certainly a fair question.

If Trump is your man, you obviously feel he has earned your trust and he’s the best man for the job. My intent here is not to argue with you or question your judgment.

But what about those of us who voted for him twice but would prefer another candidate now? Are we being fair-weather friends?

I’ll help you bring the charge against me.

You could argue that: 1) I was against Trump during the 2016 primaries, preferring any number of Republican candidates to him; 2) when he became the Republican candidate, I voted for him with both hope and trepidation in 2016, but primarily as a vote against Hillary; 3) I voted for him more enthusiastically in 2020 after watching him keep his promises for four years; 4) I distanced myself from him in the aftermath of January

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