Have Montanans Heard This Insane “Woke” New Term?

This is yet another news story that reminds me how thankful I am to live in Montana. Do you have nieces and nephews? Have you heard this insane new term that the radical “woke” Left thinks you should use to describe your nieces and nephews?

Niblings. Yes, you heard me right. The insane new term they want you to use to describe your nieces and nephews is “niblings.”

I was chatting with David Knobel, a very cool lawyer here in Montana who also hosts his own podcast on Twitch.TV. The last time I caught up with him he went over this hilarious story from The New York Times about all the “woke” terms that the Left thinks you should be using.

It reminded me of when the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest took place in Billings, Montana. I saw a sign that read something about how BIPOC supports defunding the police. BIPOC, for those who don’t know, is supposedly some woke term for “black, indigenous, and people of color.” The whole sign was absurd if you ask me. They’re claiming Native Americans support defunding the police at the same time two major Native American tribes, the Crow and Northern Cheyenne, were asking for

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