HART: Random Thoughts On The 400th Thanksgiving

In an increasingly narcissistic and selfie-obsessed America, this is the time of year when we should be thinking of others. So if there are people out there by themselves with no one to come visit them on Thanksgiving, please reach out to me. I need to borrow some chairs and a gravy boat.

We know it is Thanksgiving because the annual White House ceremony, the presidential pardoning of the turkeys, took place. The staff looked at all the turkeys and Biden pardoned just two of them. They happened to be the two who bought paintings from Hunter Biden, but ain’t tradition great?

PETA is all worked up about turkeys being raised to be eaten at Thanksgiving. PETA makes the case that the turkey is artificially bred, overfed to gain weight, susceptible to heart conditions and thus too tired and fat to mate. So another shout-out to one of our Founding Fathers, Ben Franklin, who wanted the turkey to be our national bird.  He was forward thinking as usual.

I am thankful that the jury voted unanimously to acquit Kyle Rittenhouse of the false charges that the politically-driven Kenosha County DA trumped up against the teen. Fearful of more riots and looting, and

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