HART: NFL, If You Kneel For Anything, You Stand For Nothing

The NFL has somehow opened its season and at the same time tied itself to the muddled message of professional malcontent Colin Kaepernick and the BLM movement. We are not sure what they are mad about or asking for, and we are tired of being preached to by hypocrites who do not understand their own sermon. Thus, many of us tuned out.

TV ratings for the NFL opener were down 16%. The few fans in Kansas City booed the maudlin message that players are good while white fans are racist and in need of “education.” It was like a Joe Biden rally: lots of senseless left-wing talk, the left wing media amplifying the message and few attendees in the stands.

If NFL players want to “effect change” rather than repeat meaningless chants like “social justice,” they could actually do something about it. I was a Big Brother in Memphis, and I remain good friends with my Little Brother, Roscoe. He was in my wedding, and we were Big Brother/Little Brother of the year. Maybe NFL players need to go into their old communities and actually do something like that — or maybe even go see their own kids around the country.

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