HART: LIV Free Or Die: Money Talks, The PGA Moonwalks

How will the merger of the PGA with LIV Golf (an upstart, Saudi oil money- backed, player-friendly tour) work? My guess is that in each tournament they would split the 18 holes. The legacy PGA Tour would control holes 1-8 and finishing holes 12-18. The UAE/Saudis are responsible for 9-11.

If I were a PGA Tour player under Saudi-style Sharia, I would be very careful to get very clear what they mean when they say “the cut” line in their events.

I guess I need to be careful reporting on the Saudis; I could become a member of the dismembered Royal Family. But here goes.

The PGA (Professional Golf Association) has had a de facto monopoly over U.S. golf for a hundred years. The Saudi Crown Prince, not even a golfer himself, decided to use his country’s Public Investment Fund to start a rival golf tour and call it LIV Golf. Maybe the aim was to gain international credibility after possibly murdering journalists, or maybe the Saudis saw a weak monopoly.

For sure, like the Russian invasion of Ukraine, this provocation was funded by Biden cutting our oil production.  At one point the price per barrel shot up to over $100.

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