HART: AOC And The Left’s Actions On COVID — Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC, or “Sandy” as she was known by her tony Westchester, New York, classmates back when being a victim was not aspirational), recently got the ‘Rona. She was partying maskless in Miami, so it really was not her fault. Nothing ever is.

Like most lefties, she has been preaching to us morons on how to handle COVID. She learned in her career as a bartender, before becoming a thought leader among Democrats, the value of shots. At her bar called The Border they named a drink after her. If The Border has too much booze in it and gets you out of control, you protect yourself by adding more ICE.

As AOC continues to take selfies and attack anyone who disagrees with her socialist answers to any policy question, her infamy grows. In her eyes, every problem in America is caused by global warming and structural racism. She wore a $29,000 dress to the Met Gala that had “Tax the Rich” splashed in paint on it. And you wonder why the world hates America?

She had all three shots, yet she contracted the virus. Fellow leftist traveler Alec Baldwin takes a different view than Sandy Ocasio. It is clear that

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