Harris X Poll: GOP Voters Want More for Vets, Infrastructure, Healthcare

A majority of GOP voters want the U.S. government to spend more on benefits for veterans, infrastructure, and healthcare, according to The Hill-HarrisX survey released Thursday.

Nearly the same amount wants more money spent on education (54%), social security (54%), and Medicare (53%). Additionally, the poll showed voters are split on how much the U.S. should spend on the environment, with 44% saying the U.S. should spend more, 43% saying to keep the spending the same, and 13% saying to spend less.

The poll also found:

31% want the U.S. to spend less money on the world’s needy, compared with 23% who think spending should increase and 46% who think spending should be the same. 62% say spending for the State Department should remain the same, compared with 16% who say it should increase and 22% who say it should decrease. Voters are split on military defense, with 40% who say spending should increase, 44% who say spending should remain the same, and 16% who say spending should decrease. 48% say aid to the needy in the U.S. should increase, 45% say it should remain the same, and 7% say it should decrease. Spending should remain the same for scientific research

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