Hans von Spakovsky: The Big Lie about Texas and other states' election reforms

President Joe Biden claimed in a recent speech that state election reform efforts are “the 21st Century Jim Crow assault” and “the most dangerous threat to voting and integrity of free and fair elections in our history.”

This has to one of the most foolish things he has ever said. It also displays a fundamental ignorance of the real history of Jim Crow. Contrary to his outrageous charges, the states are acting to protect all of their voters and guarantee safe and secure elections. That is not Jim Crow.

Biden’s propaganda – there is no other word for his false claims – on July 13 in Philadelphia was timed to coincide with Democratic state legislators in Texas leaving the state to avoid a special session called by Gov. Greg Abbott to vote on election reforms. Before discussing the untrue claims they also are making, we should note that by leaving the state, they are, in fact, demonstrating their contempt for the democratic process and evading their responsibility as legislators.

As Fox News contributor Byron York of the Washington Examiner accurately calls it, “Republicans won control of the Texas House by an 83 to 67 margin.… [Democrats] are frustrating the will of the majority, and the rights of Texans whose

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