Hans von Spakovsky: Texas Democrats' outrageous claims about election reforms have no connection to reality

Texas Democrats held a press conference on Friday in Alexandria, Va., across the Potomac River from the nation’s capital, to continue their lies about the election reforms being proposed in the special session of the Texas legislature called by Gov. Greg Abbott.  

The session has been unable to start because they fled the state, denying a quorum in the legislature. As I have already explained in a previous op-ed for Fox News, the misleading and outrageous claims they have made and that they repeated at the press conference about the reforms have no connection whatsoever to reality.

Two of the speakers leading the press conference were Rep. Ron Reynolds and Rep. Nicole Collier, the vice chairman and chairwoman, respectively, of the Texas Legislative Black Caucus. Reynolds continued the false and historically embarrassing claim that the proposed reforms, such as extending the state’s voter ID requirement for in-person voting to absentee ballots, are “Jim Crow 2.0” and “Jim Crow revisited.”  In reality, the ID requirement is easy and simple to meet and is overwhelmingly supported by all voters, including Black voters.

He also raged at the proposal to strengthen the ability of poll watchers to effectively observe everything going on in a polling place (except the actual casting of a ballot by a voter). He

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