Halloween lights decorate Anaconda deer’s antlers

Most of us have used the expression “like a deer in the headlights” more than a few times. Well, here’s a new one to use — “like a deer in the Halloween lights.”

The first is a term to express fright or surprise. The second surfaced in Anaconda on Monday when residents saw a buck walking through town with his antlers wrapped in Halloween lights.

Coming to his rescue were Sara Basso and Joe Kambic of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. Tuesday morning, the two game wardens located the decorated deer, sedated him and rid him of those cumbersome orange lights.

Sara Basso and Joe Kambic, game wardens with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, get the orange lights off a male deer’s antlers on Tuesday.

Courtesy of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

When their task was done, Basso said, reversal drugs were administered, the deer woke up and went on his merry way.

Basso does not believe anyone put the lights on the buck. No, this particular mishap, she believes, was probably self-inflicted.

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