Half-Dressed Heidi Klum Plans Her Halloween Costume – 4 Months In Advance

Supermodel Heidi Klum posted a video Thursday to Instagram that featured her sitting half-naked in a chair while a man went to work on designing her Halloween costume four months early.

Klum is known to wear lavish Halloween costumes that she showcases in all their glory on social media. They’re notoriously elaborate outfits that clearly require a lot of planning and preparation, but most fans would have never guessed that she apparently starts to get ready for the event way before it actually happens. She gave fans a sneak peek into what it takes to pull one of her Halloween looks together and opted to let the camera roll while she sat in nothing more than a bra with a robe casually strewn upon her lap.

Klum isn’t afraid to bare it all, and she routinely proves that by showing some skin on social media. The 49-year-old supermodel looked poised and confident, wearing seemingly no makeup at all in the video. She danced in her seat while the man worked to craft her Halloween look, giving fans a clear look at her sculpted abs. (RELATED: Good Thing Dua Lipa’s Wearing Booty Shorts With This Dress)

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