Haley to close New Hampshire campaign with 3-minute TV ad

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — Nikki Haley will hit New Hampshire airwaves with an unusually long, three-minute TV ad on Monday, highlighting her foreign policy credentials in a spot that will effectively function as her closing message in the state.

The emotionally-charged ad features the mother of Otto Warmbier, a young American who was imprisoned while visiting North Korea in early 2016. He fell into a coma during that time and returned to the United States 17 months later in a vegetative state, only to die days later.

His mother, Cindy, spoke in February at Haley’s presidential campaign launch, praising her supportiveness while she was ambassador to the United Nations, a position to which she was appointed by former President Donald Trump.

“I will tell you about her strength, her compassion, and her belief that every human being is worth fighting for,” Cindy Warmbier says in the ad, which features clips of her speech at Haley’s campaign launch. “I will tell you that Nikki didn’t help me because it was her job. She did it as a mom, a friend, and a fighter

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