Hailey Bieber’s Plunging Sequins Dress Is A Must-See

Hailey Bieber posted photos of herself in a stunning, sparkly pink dress Thursday, and her Instagram gallery is now an absolute must-see.

The model, and wife of Justin Bieber, put on a slinky pink gown as part of her many wardrobe changes this week in celebration of the launch of her new skincare line, ‘Rhode.” This perfect fashion piece featured on her Instagram page boasts a plunging neckline that was feebly held together with the slightest bit of string at the center. Her cleavage was tastefully on display, offering a tease without giving up too much. The entire dress was made of tiny sequins pieces that reflected light and sparkled from every angle.

Bieber has been proudly partaking on her “Rhode Tour” for several days, and has modeled a number of incredible outfits, but this particular number has proven to be an absolute head-turner. The long-sleeved dress flared at the wrist, adding a touch of retro style to the outfit. The tight-fitting fabric still appeared to offer breathability to Bieber, who wore it with flawless elegance.

Bieber continued to showcase her gown and tantalize fans by adding a sultry video to the end of this particular Instagram

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