Gutfeld: The White House wants to police people's opinions

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As the border dissolves like a sandcastle on the beach, inflation soars and crime runs rampant. What’s the Department of Homeland Security consumed with? I’ll give you a hint. It ain’t homeland security. It’s what you have to say about them and their failures. 

Apparently they’re as thin-skinned as Nancy Pelosi’s eyelids. Yesterday in a hearing on immigration, that bald fellow with the adorable ears announced a Disinformation Governance Board in order to combat online misinformation. 

You know, because the real problems we face apparently are our opinions, not their incompetent actions. It’s like blaming fires on the fire department. I mean, they always seem to be around right after I start one.

ALEJANDRO MAYORKAS: We just recently constituted a misinformation, disinformation governance board. So the goal is to bring the resources of the department together to address this threat. 

Fun fact: He had hair like Fabio before he worked with Kamala Harris. And why does he remind me of this guy? Oh, I just wanted to squeeze his head like a pastry bag filled with whipped cream, and that would be the beginning. 

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas testifies before the House Judiciary Committee,

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