GUNASEKARA: Here’s How ESG Affects You, The Average American

The trend of Environmental, Social and, Governance (ESG) investing has recently come under the microscope. When retirees and pensioners see lower returns on investments, they are not keen on prioritizing woke politics over sound financial returns — assuming they ever had a meaningful chance to weigh in. Much of the discussion involving this type of investing focuses on the investor class, but the consequences of ESG are far-reaching.

It’s hard to connect these dots. ESG is designed to confuse and disorient the average American, preventing them from understanding how it works, its impacts, and who is actually calling the shots. This proves convenient for the woke elitists at the top — and even the willing ones in the middle — that such a system helps avoid any direct accountability. But increasingly, public interest groups alongside the Republican majority in Congress are shining some much-needed light.

Bill-payers, mostly women, are at the frontlines of ESG’s high-cost impacts. The E prong — or environmental standards — coerce compliance with “net-zero” policies that aim to phase out fossil energy like coal, oil, and natural gas by 2050. These energy resources currently provide 80% of the energy we need to fuel our economy and maintain our

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