Gun safety advocates rally in Missoula

A group of Missoula residents and gun safety advocates gathered in front of the Missoula County Courthouse on Saturday morning to rally against gun violence and call on lawmakers for change.

Speakers and an estimated 50 attendees demanded that Congress address gun violence through stricter gun control and sensible gun laws.

Speakers included a vice principal who survived a school shooting in Lewistown, Montana, members of the local chapter of Moms Demand Action, and Missoula City Council President Bryan von Lossberg. 

“Background checks save lives … Here in Montana, in the 20 years between 1998 and 2018, it has prevented more than 21,600 gun sales to people who are prohibited from possessing a firearm,” von Lossberg said. 

The rally, held by the Missoula chapter of Moms Demand Action, was one of many that took place across the nation over the weekend. In Montana, similar rallies are scheduled in Bozeman, Great Falls, Helena and Billings. 

The group, which is affiliated with Everytown for Gun Safety, is seeking laws such as background checks and “Red flag” laws, which allow the temporary removal of firearms from people who may present a danger to themselves or others.

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