Growing up too soon: Teens at the crossroads of temptation

BRENT NORTHUP Film Review An Education

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Red Rocket

The Myrna Loy

Today, we shall reflect on older men, with dubious intentions, who romance/groom young girls. Can art capture that type of story without, itself, being guilty of exploitation? Can such a story illuminate the human condition? Or not? Lolita?

Let’s take a look at two films, and then come back to these questions.

Exhibit One: “Red Rocket,” a 2021 tale of Mikey, a 40-something former adult film star, who spots a cute 17-year-old high school girl at a donut shop. He sets out to steal her glaze. Headed to college, Strawberry figures she can fly close to the flame, wink and then fly away – but her wings are not that strong.

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Exhibit Two: “An Education,” a 2009 British film starring Carey Mulligan as yet another high school senior, headed to Oxford. A debonair “gentleman” sees her standing in the rain one cloudy day, and offers her a ride home, “to protect her cello.” A grooming begins that tempts her to trade her ring binder for a ring.

Two very different films, both swimming in the sea of

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