GROVES And SMITH: The Anatomy Of The Clinton Campaign’s Alfa Bank Smear

Funny thing about smears made during a presidential campaign. The charges get banner headlines. The corrections? Not so much.

Consider the Clinton campaign’s charge in 2016 that a secret communications channel existed between Donald Trump and a Russian bank. That was big news five years ago.

There was just one hitch. According to an indictment recently handed down by a DC grand jury at Special Counsel John Durham’s behest, the “secret communications channel” theory just wasn’t true and had been identified as a “red herring” by those investigating it.

Still, Michael Sussmann, a DC lawyer working at the Perkins Coie law firm and a former political appointee in the Justice Department during the administration of President Bill Clinton, pushed it to the FBI anyway. More troublingly, as the indictment continues, “In assembling and conveying these allegations,” Sussmann “acted on behalf of specific clients,” including “the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign.”

Stop and think about it. If the charges in the indictment are true, someone working at the behest of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign pushed dubious, if not outright debunked, theories to the FBI in order to trigger a counter-intelligence and/or criminal investigation into their political rival, and then to leak the existence of that investigation to

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