Group urges wildlife crossing near West Yellowstone following bison-vehicle collision

There are few places in the United States where you can be motoring down the highway at 70 mph and literally run into a bison — the national mammal of the United States. Montana’s Highway 191, just north of West Yellowstone, is one of those places.

A young bison bears a wound from a collision in December that killed 13 other bison north of West Yellowstone.

Courtesy Buffalo Field Campaign

Last month, 13 Yellowstone National Park bison were killed while attempting to cross Highway 191 when a semi tractor-trailer truck struck the animals. Although a high death toll, it wasn’t the worst on record for this stretch of roadway. That distinction belongs to 2009, when 16 bison were killed during a weekend.

“This sad incident underscores the urgency and importance of creating ways for migrating wildlife to access necessary habitat while also ensuring people can travel safely throughout the region,” said Shana Drimal, senior wildlife conservation associate for the Greater Yellowstone Coalition.

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