Grizzly killed by vehicle near Bonner

A large, adult male grizzly bear was hit and killed by a vehicle near Bonner on Wednesday night — the southernmost known roadkill death of a grizzly from the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem. 

According to Jamie Jonkel, a bear management specialist for Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks Region 2, a game warden from the agency responded around 11 p.m. Wednesday night to a report from 911 dispatch that a motorist hit a bear near mile-marker 3 on Highway 200, just north of Bonner. He said the incident occurred along curves in the road in the Blue Slide area about 2.25 miles northeast of Bonner. 

The responding warden came upon the driver of a truck towing a horse trailer as the driver was inspecting the damaged front of his vehicle after the bear impact, Jonkel said. According to the warden, he said, the driver reported coming around a bend in the highway to find the bear “right there,” walking along the road, and it tried to cross the road in front of him. 

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