Grizzly DNA matches suspect in fatal Montana mauling

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State wildlife officials have matched DNA taken from a grizzly killed on July 9 to evidence from a fatal mauling in Ovando on July 6. The suspect grizzly had also raided two chicken coops in the Ovando area, and was killed by a federal Wildlife Services agent near one of the coops.

Tom Bauer Rob Chaney

DNA from the grizzly bear killed near Ovando last week matches samples taken from the scene where a camper was killed three days earlier, according to state analysts.

The 417-pound, 4-year-old male grizzly was suspected of killing Leah Davis Lokan, 65, a bicycle camper from Chico, California on July 6. It also raided two chicken coops in the Ovando area.

Wildlife managers set a culvert trap and stationed a federal Wildlife Services agent by one of the coops about two miles away from Ovando. The bear came to the scene on July 9 and was killed.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks spokesman Greg Lemon said the grizzly appeared to be in good condition. DNA samples

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