GREG GUTFELD: You can’t turn the country blue when you’re turning its citizens black and blue

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Happy Monday, everyone, and hello Kamala. So, we heard a lot about the wall when Trump was in office. But there’s another wall when it comes to the border issue. The one between reality and what the media will report. And it’s a wall 50 times harder to breach than the one Trump was building. But finally, it looks like that wall is crumbling like a wicker chair under Ana Navarro. We’ve all seen the video of a dozen migrants attacking two cops in Times Square. The video seems to have broken through the media moat that protects the left, and shown everyone what progressive policies on immigration really look like. And it’s scarier than Jesse Watters without his hair and makeup. Yeah. 

For those who support law enforcement, the images have become like the famous Rodney King video, but in reverse, and it’s hard for us to all just get along when we see the people we gave food, shelter and cash, then beat up our protectors and now the media and Dems act like they suddenly care. Gee, I wonder if it has anything to do with this whole election year

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