Greg Gutfeld: Why is everything so bad right now?

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All right. But we’re also going to try something out here. We’re breaking new ground. It’s time for. Scratch and sniff monologues. This has never been done, and probably for good reason. But it’s true. At any moment, you, dear viewers, will be asked to scratch the TV screen when an image appears. And then you have to guess what that image smells like. I know there’s something wrong with me. There’s something wrong with me. But isn’t this fun? It’s a special treat for all of you at home and for our fans watching for free at Best Buy. So let’s go to the first one. 

There you go. The scratch and sniff. All right, get up there. Get up. Just great. Smell it, smell it. Smell your fingers. Oh. Get up there. All right. What’s that smell like? What’s that about? Now, if you guessed Parmesan cheese, you win. But we will accept Crisco because we know he does. Disgusting. 

All right. According to new leaked audio obtained by The Washington Examiner. Hunter claims his dad viewed him as a god. And if that’s not an argument for atheism, what is? 

But Hunter

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