Greg Gutfeld: When Democrats are in charge, they can get away with anything

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A new report claims that Hunter Biden shared bank accounts with his dad. Which might be the least harmful thing Hunter could share with his dad. But still, it’s nuts.

Think about it: the VP shared a bank account with Hunter, that’s like sharing a blow-up doll with Charlie Sheen. No disinfectant will save you. Just burn it all down.

Normally this might be big news – but Biden’s last name is Biden, not Trump. And the media only responds to corruption when it’s involving an orange Republican with a hot wife. And even then, that corruption doesn’t have to be real.

But this latest news means the president must become part of the FBI investigation into Hunter’s shady deals. If the government wants to go after rich people by tracking everything over $600 – then Hunter’s anonymous $75-grand checks should warrant some scrutiny.

Fact is – like my luxurious hair, the list of Hunters outrageous indiscretions keeps growing. But when there’s a Democrat in charge, with a Democrat media, you can get away with anything. Except telling the truth. From Ted Kennedy’s driving, to Ilhan Omar’s husband and or brother – it’s all water, and

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