GREG GUTFELD: We’re talking large breasts here

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What a gorgeous Thursday it is. And not just because Pete Hegseth is here. Yeah, he’s so hot, AOC wants to ban him along with gas stoves. He’s so hot, he could be my twin brother. I’m exaggerating. Anyway, I’m way hotter. We’re going to tackle the whole Biden classified document scandal in mere minutes. But first, let’s do this, shall we?


NARRATOR: The audience decides the story!

We’re the only show that does this probably for a reason. Here’s a refresher. I’m going to give you two topics, and whichever gets the most applause wins. Very simple. By the way, it’s the same way Pete picks out a Speedo, just opens the drapes. Nice, huh? All right, Topic one: Barclays has raised the US GDP in its first quarter forecast sees a mild recession led by the rise in private consumption. Okay, let’s hear your applause. Eh, not jazzed, I take it. All right, Here’s the second story. We’ve got an update on the Canadian high school teacher. Oh, well, I guess it’s out of my hands then. And it sucks. It sucks, I got to tell you. Because we actually had three

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