GREG GUTFELD: We’re finally seeing what happens when you push nice people too far

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I want to take a trip across the pond to a place called the U.K. It used to stand for United Kingdom, but now it stands for unhinged knuckleheads versus a group of feeble-minded freaks called Just Stop Oil. After seeing them, you’d wish they’d just stopped breathing. You’ve seen their protest.

They block traffic during rush hour, which makes them as persuasive as Alec Baldwin teaching gun safety because nothing inspires societal change better than acting like a total ****. But last week, when they pulled a traffic stunt, this happened. 

Nothing like applauding violence. I agree. A furious motorist steps in to remove the blockade, but did the police side with the working-class guy? The productive member of society who was just trying to get to his job? Or the shiftless imbeciles who haven’t been laid since the Thatcher era? 

It’s amazing. The police cuffed the motorist. Perhaps because he just doesn’t have the right politics that would allow him to break the law. If only he were a drag queen racing to the library to read to orphans. But we see this more and more. Here’s the hierarchy

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