GREG GUTFELD: We’re allowing strangers to pump a powerful toxic drug right into kids’ vulnerable brains

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Happy Tuesday, everybody. Oh, you look scrumptious. I could eat every one of you, and I just might. All right. The ladies of “The View” have now expressed regret over their treatment of Kate Middleton, saying they, “fell down a rabbit hole.” Which raises a key question: how the hell did they fit? The LA and Miami homes of rapper Sean Combs have been raided by Homeland Security in connection with a sex trafficking investigation. In other news, Combs is changing his name from Diddy to Didn’t. 

Jill Biden spent Sunday morning at a SoulCycle spin class. To make her feel at home, some of the cyclists fell over. A new study claims that your facial features may have been influenced by what your mother ate during pregnancy. If that’s true, then Nancy Pelosi’s mom ate a lot of Tupperware. A new poll finds that 73% of voters are fine with the term “illegal immigrant.” The remaining 27% of voters were illegal immigrants. McDonald’s just announced plans to sell Krispy Kreme donuts. Yeah. In response, you’ll never guess who took the day off to celebrate.


It’s never gonna end. All right,

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