Greg Gutfeld: We are playing a game of Russian roulette

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So, this show is doing great, and I know this cuz I actually read the mail. Well, my young assistant, Clive, reads them to me, as I lay in my hammock and he feeds me grapes. He actually shoots them at me.

And a lot of the mail says, “Greg, this show is doing great.” Also, “dude, you’ve really been working out.” And “Wow, it’s like you get taller every day!” Signed: Neil Patrick Harris.

But I get a few complaints. A lot about not enough camera shots of Kat’s feet. I forgot I gave Varney my email. But mostly it’s about swearing. We swear too much on the show, and I agree. Swearing can get an easy laugh, and it feels good. But I don’t like it when we overdo it.

So why am I saying this? Well, cuz we’re f***ed. Sorry, there’s no other word to describe the current situation we are in.

Think about it – as we criminalize parenting, we decriminalize criminals. As we target people trying to protect their kids, we protect those trying to target us. We’re living in a time, where we play catch and release with deranged criminals

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