GREG GUTFELD: Ultra-liberal WaPo columnist David Ignatius is throwing in the security blanket

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So President Biden is dead-last when it comes to the Democratic choice for president. I should read this prompter better. 

Yet, it’s not just the right anymore who’s stating the obvious about Joe. Even Dems finally realized that Biden is fossilized. If he was fuel, they would refuse to burn him. The ultra-liberal Washington Post columnist David Ignatius is throwing in the security blanket this week, finally admitting in print that Joe is too old to run for re-election or to the bathroom, for that matter. 

If only he could admit that Joe is too old to cut his own food. But how daring, it’s like admitting the ladies of “The View” enjoy carbs. Let’s be clear: This isn’t an elderly man’s rapid slide into senility. It’s about political operatives finally conceding to biological and political reality.

For those of you slow on the uptake, he’s not just walking toward the light, he’s trying to shake its hand. Thank you, and so after some throat-clearing about how great Biden has been as a candidate and a president — hang on a second — I’m trying not to vomit, Ignatius writes, “I don’t think Biden and

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