GREG GUTFELD: The ‘stupid fad’ of people enforcing pronouns is ‘dying’

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If you want a textbook example of hysteria, look no further than the pronoun craze. Just a handful of years ago, this was never a thing. No one talked about it. It was as rare as Hunter Biden wearing pants. Then all of a sudden, it became a thing. It grew. It multiplied, even exponentially. 

It was like mold or rabbits or Mitt Romney’s family. And the reason for this is pretty simple: Kids create a craze that’s about them, that brings attention to who they are, and why wouldn’t they embrace it? It sure beats eating Tide PODS or reading a children’s book written by Julie Banderas. That’ll sell a copy. 

Suddenly, it became compulsory, specifically for the people around the kids who had to play along. It wasn’t just, “Hello, I’m Greg, and I’m a ze.” It’s, “Hello, I’m Greg, and if you don’t refer to me as ze, I’m going to report you to the principal.” Which is weird, because I should be out of school anyway, especially with the restraining order. 

But what pronouns offered was an option for truly dull but needy people to gain attention and power over anyone

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